Strawberry chia pudding


Hello guys. I come with another breafast idea. Easter is just about to happen again 😉 and in my country people are crazy about spring cleaning just before Easter. If there is one time you have to have super clean windows this is THE day. I am not yet in that mood, but getting there. I decided to look through my freezer and pantry and use some things that should be used. And I found few bags of organic strawberries from my own garden. I had some chia in the pantry. This is how the idea of this pudding came to life.


It’s best prepared few hours before serving. I just do it in the evening and I have breakfast waiting for me in the morning.

You’ll need:
500 g strawberries
3 T brown sugar
1T vanilla extract
1 cup yogurt
half cup almond milk
3 T maple syrup
half cup chia seeds
1T balsamic vinegar

In a pan heat strawberries, vinegar, sugar and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Cook them for about 20 minutes until strawberries are glossy. Blend with a handheld blender.

In a large jug mix yogurt, almond milk, chia seeds, 1 T vanilla extract and maple syrup.

Prepare the glassware you want your breakfast in: add layers of strawberry jam, than chia pudding then jam again. You choose your desired thickness of the layers- that’s personal preference. Put in the fridge for a few hours. Add fresh fruit if you like just before serving.



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