Garden tour – roses and clematis are blooming.


Today I’m taking you on a garden tour! Roses and cleats are blooming like crazy, so you must see that. We recorded a video for YouTube at the end of June.
spacer po ogrodzie kwitną clematisy i roze

English garden tour in Poland

Few years ago I had this crazy idea to redo my most of my garden from a typical Polish garden and make it a classic English garden. I dug a lot of plants I wasn’t happy with and gave them to fellow gardeners. I planted a lot of plants typical for English gardens – roses, clematis, delphiniums etc.

You can see if I had any success and hear how my brain worked during the creative process of creating this kind of garden in this video.

I will be adding a lot of pictures of the garden here, same ones you can see in my garden tour above. First you can the border in front of the house- I added a fountain in the middle and planted all the plants symmetrically. You can find Gertrude Jekyll and Ballerina roses, larkspur and hydrangea Annabelle there.

At the very front you can see rose called Garden of roses- love this plant with its gentle pink and Salomon tint.

spacer po ogrodzie roza garden of roses roza gertrude jekyll w ogrodzie roza gertrude jekyll

Garden tour 

This a border next to my gravel area- surrounded with a lot of roses- there’s a lot of English and German roses. Here you can see of my favourite roses- Geoff Hamilton- love the petals, delicate scent and its soft pink colour.
angielska roza geoff hamilton

Wider view of gravel area and the wooden wall- covered with climbing roses and clematis- the scent in June and July is amazing! I planted a lot of perennials with the roses- delphiniums, phlox, coneflowers, catmint. they add a lot of interest and colour.

placyk w ogrodzie roza geoff hamilton

I believe you can’t ever have too many flowers in the garden so I also wanted to go vertical- I added a lot of climbers- clematis are my favourite. You can see a whole video only about all my secrets to growing clematis and having it bloom like crazy How to grow clematis. It has English subtitles 🙂

clematis w ogrodzie lawka angielska w ogrodzie spacer po ogrodzie kwitna roze

Queen of Sweden- in front of the bench. I love this rose so much! It’s perfect for cutting but also looks amazing in the garden. cudowna!

ławka w ogrodzie

Gazebo time in my garden tour. Roses and clematis are a perfect match. I love them as companions – here you can see one of my favourite border combos- clematis Comtesse de Bouchaud and Uetersens Rosenprincessin rose.

roze pnace i clematisy w ogrodzie roze pnace w ogrodzie


I hope you like my garden tour at the end of June- see you next time! DOn’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel 🙂

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