Best TV series of 2015


You seem to love my tv and movies recommendation so I decided to write another one- the ones I loved watching most in 2015. I must do a list of all time favourites with Friends being number one. I binge watched all seasons last year with Gaba and it’s still as funny as I remember. The fact that my kid loves it as much as I do says a lot about its quality too 🙂

So 2015! I watched a lot as always and again the quality of tv series is getting better and better! My number one this year goes to second season of Fargo. I know I wrote how amazing first one was but this one! OMG. If you love Tarantino movies you must see this. I love the photography, scenography, acting, how the camera rolls. I love everything!


Another season of Homeland- what else can happen? That’s what I thought! And yet- this season touches the topic so painful to Europe and does it in a great way. Great acting, love the suspense! Another great season.


I admit I could watch Ray just for Liev Screiber walking in those suits 😉 Another great season, great acting.


I can’t imagine it’s been another season of Good Wife, it’s great but I am missing some characters(won’t say who, for those not knowing yet ;))


It’s Game of Thrones- it’s epic and you just keep guessing who’s gonna die in this episode.


I spend the week between Christmas and NYE binge watching Jessica Jones with my daughter. We can’t believe it’s work and school time and there are no episodes left for us. It’s Marvel but I feel it’s somehow better. Love the greyness of the characters 🙂


This keeps getting creepier and creepier but still loved it!


Not sure about this one, though I keep watching. I dislike the main character so much I have no idea why(well I know why, but why so much ;)), I don’t have such strong feelings towards any characters 😉 Love how the story is showed in chapters and told how each character sees the same situation.


I just loved that there was finally a show about the 80s and about computer geeks and inventors and as always human nature.


I am a sucker for shows about the law- what can I say- I grew up binge watching Ally McBeal.


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