Argula salad with pears, figs and walnuts


September is one of my favourite months. This one is close to perfection with warm temperatures, lots of sun, produce so fresh, plump and sweet it’s hard to decide what to put in your mouth. On Saturday I visited farmers market and got some amazing ripe pears as a gift. I bought some creamy goat cheese and figs to company them in a salad. We ate it as soon as we came back and everyone loved it. It got lots of positive awwwws and ooohs on instagram so decided to share the recipe with you. As always please get the freshest ingredients possible- that’s always the key to great meals.


ingredients per person


handful of argula
1 fig , cut into 6 wedges
half pear per person, sliced thinly
creamy goat cheese
handful of walnuts
1 T honey
2 T balsamic vinegar
one sprig rosemary
Maldon salt

I used triple amount of the ingredients for our family, multiply as you wish. On a plate arrange argula, goat cheese, pear slices and figs. Put a small pan on the medium heat. Pour walnuts and rosemary onto the pan, striring frequently. As the walnuts start to get golden, working quickly, add good pinch of salt, honey, and as it starts to bubble add vinegar. Take away from the heat immediately. Pour over the salad. Serve.


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