Pumpkin and cream cheese donuts


It’s blog’s birthday! My newest baby is one year old. I have to tell you that a year ago when I stopped shooting weddings and decided to become a foodblogger I wasn’t sure if I was sane. But I wanted to be doing what I loved so much. After a year I am still so much into it, if not more. And I am so happy to look into google analytics and see that the audience is growing in thousands every month. This makes ma so happy! Please let me know once a while that you’re here guys! What do you think, which recipes are your favs. Or just say hi. I won’t leave without a cool recipe- a perfect fall dessert- donuts made with pumpkin puree and cream cheese. Sooo good. We ate them all, that was an epic diet fail, the day we made them. But so worth it, they were so yummy.




1/2 cup pumpkin puree
1/2 cup cream cheese
1 cup milk
1/2 cup sugar plus 2 T
30 g fresh yeast
3 eggs
100 g melted butter
1 t vanilla extract
1 T cinammon
1 t nutmeg
1 t cloves
1 kg 00type white flour
1,5 l canola oil
half cup maple syrup
confectioner's sugar

Heat the milk a bit, add 2 T sugar and crumble the yeast into it. Rub it with your fingers. Leave for 10 minutes in a warm place until it bubbles a bit(that means they are working). Mount your dough hook into your standing mixer. Add yeast mixture, pumpkin puree, cream cheese, eggs, spices, vanilla extract, sugar and milk. Mix on slow, until combined. Add flour, a bit at a time. Then butter. Mix on middle speed for 10 minutes. Form a ball, and put into oiled bowl and cover with a clean cloth. Leave to rise for 1-1,5 hour or until double in size.

No sprinkle your working surface with flour and roll your dough into 1 cm thick. You should do it in batches. Cut a circle with large wine glass, and the hole with a small cookie cutter or a mineral water bottle cap. I first fry the donuts then the donut holes.

Heat oil in a deep pan or deep fryer. I use deep fryer, I like that it controls the temperature for me. Set it to 170 C. Fry 4-5 donuts at once until one side is brown, then turn . It will take about two minutes. Take it out and put on a paper towel.

You can sprinkle them with dusting sugar or make maple glaze. We loooooved the maple glaze ones so much. Mix confectioner's sugar with maple syrup and dip your donuts in them(see the pictures). Miss Gaba is making the presentation,

And once again thank you for being here through the last year!! Huge hugs!













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