Nectarine and sweet cherry couscous salad


As you know I often work from home. As during school year Gaba is at school and Mike is at work I often eat my lunches alone. There is the urge to have it fast and without any dirt in the kitchen, so I often have a banana or two, maybe a handful of nuts and loads of coffee. I don’t think that is the perfect way, so I try to make super fast meals that will fill me and will not turn my kitchen into a huge mess. This salad is an perfect example of fast lunch for one.


half cup couscous

1 nectarine

10 cherries

50 g feta

handful of sunflower seeds

1 T each: mint, basil, melissa,lemon balm

juice of one lime

1 T olive oil

salt, pepper

In a bowl pour hot water over couscous, so water level is 1 cm higher than grain level, cover with a plate. Cut nectarine into half moons, pit cherries, cutting in half. When couscous is cool, add lime juice, salt and olive oil. Chop all herbs finely and add as well. On a platter put couscous mixture, put nectarine and cherries on top, sprinkle with feta and sunflower seeds. Enjoy.




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