Classic waffle with avocado and poached egg


I skipped a week of blogging- I got sick with my stomach again and miss Java had an operation on her eye. Plus a lot of other stressful news and we’ve got a winner for the most terrible week of the year so far. My usual optimism is gone, but I guess it will be good to blog some stuff for you, at least it will get me out of that blue hole I’m in.

So this week will be all about breakfast ideas, I will finish it with a big post with all the breakfast links for your convenience. Today a classic savoury waffle with poached egg and avocado. My favourite variety is Hass- I love their texture when ripe, taste is also amazing. To make this use THIS RECIPE just use sliced avocado instead of chard. I serve it with chilli flakes, Maldon salt and lime on the side.






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