I’ve always been in love with Paris. I have visited a few times as a teenager, Michal visited a few times for work, but never ever together. Can you imagine? Two people in love with each other, good food and beautiful places- first place that comes to your mind is this city, isn’t it? We spent time just wandering around breathing the atmosphere of the place, eating in places we only saw old Parisians going into, trying my first macarons in Laduree- oh pure bliss, believe me. I’ll leave you with the edited version of the pictures-you can see the previous more vintage way on my old blog- here is a more clean and colorful one. Enjoy!

2_montmartre 3_laduree_paris 4_laduree_paris_inside 5_paris3 6_stylish_man_on_bike_in_paris 7_carousel_paris 8_carousel_paris_2 9_bookstore 10_blue_restaurant_in_paris 11_bakery_paris 12_aux_trois_paris 13_biking_in_paris 14_chairs_paris 15_cafe_in_paris 16_cafe_restaurant_in_paris

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