DIY lilac sugar body scrub


Few weeks ago my lilac was blooming like crazy and I thought it would be so cool to preserve its smell. So I decided to make lilac sugar. You can use it for baking, for tea, and for sugar scrubs. There is no rocket science behind the act. You take dry petals and mix them with sugar. Put it in a sealed jar for a few weeks, then put it through a sieve to take the dry petals out. Keep in a sealed jar until you need it. Looks so beautiful, doesn’t it?




I don’t like spending too much money on body scrubs, especially sugar scrubs, since they are so easy to make. I know what ingredients I use, how much organic my scrub really is. I decided to use my lilac sugar and make some today. Since lilac season is over you can use any petals you’d like- rose, lavender, any you can think of.

You will need:

1 cup lilac sugar
1/2 cup organic coconut oil(fragrance free)
zest of one organic lime or lemon(I used lime)
2 T lime juice

Mix it all together and put it in a jar. Use as often as you like. I love it as a body scrub, since sugar is a bit too rough on my face.




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  • This one is very helpful. Now, getting ready to start your day.. crawling out of bed and into the shower… the shower itself helps rejuvenate you.. now add this scrub and viola!

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