Chicken with apples


When I was little my favourite Sunday dinner was chicken roasted with apples. It’s like honey to Winnie the Pooh to me. I’ve been testing several recipes for the perfect Sunday bird- always stick to the few rules I never brake- I buy organic chicken, that was a happy one and has run and seen the sky, I use fresh or dry herbs but no ready mixes and I use Jamie Olivier method to make a pocket between the skin and the breast to put all the good herbs and olive oil in and I cut the legs.

I live in a part of Poland most famous for it’s apple orchards. I love when go for a bike ride in late autumn and I can smell the apples everywhere. I found an amazing orchard with organic apples that taste so A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I just can’t stop eating them. They joined the chicken of course.



1 organic chicken
herbs of your choice: I went with rosemary and sage
sea salt
olive oil
lemon juice
whole lemon

Preheat the oven(200 degrees C). In a mortar smash garlic with a pinch of salt, add the herbs and make a paste, add lemon juice, olive oil. Rub the chicken with salt, then the paste. Add some to the pocket I described above. Put some herbs inside the chicken and put the whole lemon out there to. Close chicken and tie legs with a string. Cut legs and rub the rest of the paste in them. Put in the oven, after 35 minutes, add apples(score a circle in the lower part, so they don't explode). After 45 minutes I make the temperature lower(160C) and roast them for another 30 minutes until chicken is golden and crunchy. I serve it with mashed potatoes.







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