Sticky rice with mango and a stroll through Chiang Mai food markets


I sit here in my house, the weather is pretty ugly. It’s raining, it’s windy and everyone feels like sleeping. It’s time for some comfort food and if you have some time I’ll take you on a quick journey from one food market to another. We’ll travel to Chiang Mai in Thailand and enjoy our eyes with some amazing produce. Are you ready? First let’s make some comfort food! While in Thailand Miss G. who is not so keen on spicy food had fallen in love with all tourists favourite dish- sticky rice with mango. She had it everyday, for the whole three weeks, so I guess she is an expert in the taste of the dish. We got the recipe from a cooking school class we attended. I tweaked it a bit, adding more coconut milk and palm sugar so it tasted the way Miss G. likes it best. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do. If you can look for yellow mangoes not the green ones with red blush. These are the ones that are most common in my country and I don’t like their taste. I buy my yellow mango in Asian supermarket near my house and they are just the same as the ones I ate in Thailand.You can buy all the ingredients in Asian stores. Sticky rice is called sticky rice(go for the white one for this dessert) or glutinous rice and it can’t be cooked in water.



2 mangoes
2 cups sticky rice(rinsed and soaked overnight)
5 tablespoons palm sugar
1 teaspoon sea salt
3 cups coconut milk
1T fried mung beans
1 teaspoon rice flour

Cook rice in a bamboo basket over simmering water for about 10 minutes.In a meantime heat coconut milk, palm sugar and salt until it's dissolved. Reserve half a cup of the liquid, and pour the rest into a bowl. Add the cooked rice, cover and let soak for 15 minutes. Heat reserved half cup with rice flour and mix until it's thick and has no lumps. On a plate put the rice, some thicken sauce and mango cut in stripes. Enjoy!



Ok, now finish your food and jump into the tuk-tuk, we’re going to see some amazing produce at the food markets. I adore markets, all kinds of them. I get into zombie camera mode when I see one, people loose contact with me. It’s just me, my camera and the market. Whenever I travel, food and antique markets are the first place I search for. So please indulge in my obsession 😉


We spent a whole day taking a cooking class, it started at a small food market, where Benz- our teacher showed us all the produce and told us what is what and what it’s used for.Here Miss G. is ready to do some shopping.

05-welcome to chiang mai markets

06-welcome to chiang mai markets

07-welcome to chiang mai markets

OK time to learn how turmeric, gallangal, string beans and kaffir lime look like!

08-this is turmeric and gallangal

09-string beans

10-kaffir lime

11-abundance of veggies in chiang mai food market

12-we're ready to buy

13-food market chiang mai

14-food market chiang mai

Are you hungry yet?!!

15-food market chiang mai

16-food market chiang mai

17-food market chiang mai

18-food market chiang mai

19-food market chiang mai

20-food market chiang mai

21-food market chiang mai

22-food market chiang mai

23-food market chiang mai

24-food market chiang mai

Miss G preparing coconut milk with her hands! My girl did some serious cooking in this school. I was so proud!

25-basil cookery school

26-basil cookery school

27-basil cookery school

And another stroll- it was Chinese new year so it was crazy and colourful and I couldn’t decide what to buy.

28-chinese food and spice market chiang mai

29-chinese food and spice market chiang mai

30-chinese food and spice market chiang mai

31-chinese food and spice market chiang mai

32-chinese food and spice market chiang mai

33-chinese food and spice market chiang mai

34-chinese food and spice market chiang mai


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