Winter Tea.


We had few really pretty days with a lot of snow and even sun. I missed shooting outdoors so much and I miss spending time in the garden. So Gaba and I got out this weekend, took our favourite “winter tea” with us and snapped a few photos.

Do you have a favourite tea you like to drink to get warmer? I love mine in two ways.

LEMON/ LIME/GINGER/ HONEY WINTER TEA. – I make a huge jug of this, because it goes really fast. I cut one organic lemon, one lime, 5 cm skinned ginger root into thin slices. I brew some strong tea, add the slices to it and then add honey- as much as I fancy. The truth is I like this tea to be sweet! It’s best to add the honey as late as possible, when the tea isn’t very hot anymore as honey loses all its health benefits when melted into very hot water.

ORANGE/LEMON/CLOVES/CINNAMON/HONEY WINTER TEA – another favourite of mine. I slice one whole orange and one whole lemon, I brew some strong tea. Add one cinnamon stick and 5 cloves, orange and lemon slices and let them sit for few minutes under a little plate covering the jug.I add honey just before serving, when it’s not super hot- again so the honey doesn’t loose its properties.








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