Spring in the garden


Every year I spend my winter days with gardening magazines, Pinterest and my gardening books infusing all the inspiration I can. Reading all that stuff makes me long for gardening work and when March comes I rush into the garden full of new ideas and ready to work. So I thought I’ll write few things I usually do in my garden in March plus I’ll post some inspirational photos from last April and May, so you can imagine what this pretty ugly March mass of yellowish plans would look like in just a few weeks and a few hours of your work.

First thing I do is to clean the lawn. We have several old birch trees and even after we clean most of the leaves in fall, we can still have a mass of work to do in spring. So I rake it vigorously to get rid of all the debris and moss. Then I use a electric scarifying machine. It looks bad afterwards, but it works like charm and after a few weeks the grass looks amazing. I apply first fertiliser that is high in nitrogen. I preferably do it when it’s dry but when the rain is expected in the next day or two.

I’ll post some photos of the lawn work in the next few weeks.

Then it’s time to take care of my shrubs. I get my scissors to good use and shape my summer flowering shrubs. I have more than forty bushes so it’s a lot of work. I also get rid of any remaining dead parts of plants such as hostas. This year I also divide my hostas since it’s their fifth year and they are so huge.

We also built a few new vegetable beds. I use all the debris and old grass I collect in the garden as the first layer of the bed.

Since the greenhouse was cleaned in fall, I sowed some radishes and spinach inside, plus some peas, fava beans(in old guttering so they are easy to transplant) and salad.

Inside of the house I also sowed tomatoes, peppers and aubergines. They are still in trays until they form their first true leaves.

Next week I’ll be fertilising all of the plants and sowing veggies outside(carrots, radishes, spinach, peas, broad beans, salads).

Hope that was some help!

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