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My home office tour. When we started renovations of the house this space was my priority- I gave the attic which was my previous studio to Gaba and have been working in differents parts of the house for few months. I needed a space I could dedicate to work only, so when I enter the space there is no facebook browsing and getting lost in the internet space. As soon as I walk through the door it’s only for the blog and my photography work. I dreamed of a very white and clean space with simple deco that gets me in the creative mood. I did a lot, I mean a lot of Pinterest research and my own thinking and this is what I came up with.


I was tempted to have all walls painted white but as I ordered huge white desk Mike and I decided to go with the wall behind it grey as it would give the white of the desk a nice gentle contrast. The color is Benjamin Moore’s Marilyn’s Dress- very gentle greish white or whitish grey 😉 I love how beautiful it looks next to a white desk. I had the desk custom made- it is almost 3 m long, so we can both work here if there is a need for that.











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