Meringue “eggs” with lemon curd “yolks”


Today a quick post with just three pictures. Gaba had an Easter breakfast at school today, since it’s the last day of school before the Easter break. I baked the “eggs” last night and it was to dark to shoot the photos. We are not morning people so I had to hurry with the pictures 😉 But you’ll get the point. My idea for Easter dessert were meringues in shape of fried eggs with lemon curd “yolks”. It’s funny, it has the sweetness as well as the zing factor. It’s perfect. I’m waiting to hear what the kids at school thought of them. I had two despite my promise not to eat sweets until Easter(ha classic me ;))

So here we go- original recipe is here where you’ll find all my meringue magic. This time I switched clementine juice for juice from half an orange.

I wanted to write about how to shape the “eggs”. I took a spoonful of meringue and put it on a baking paper. Then with another spoon I put it in hot water and then shake the excess water off and make kind of a cavity for the “yolk” with the back of the spoon. Also make the meringue look more like the fried egg white. I bake the meringues for 1,5 hour in 110C and leave them overnight in the oven with the heating off. The lemon curd should rest in the fridge overnight too. Just before you serve put a spoonful of the curd in the cavity. And there you go 🙂



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