Immunity boosting honey ginger and turmeric syrup


I used to get sick all the time. I had several sinus infections per year so it used to seem like I was sick ALL THE TIME. It stopped few weeks after I changed all the bad habits in my life- I started eating small portions, regularly, drinking 10 glasses a water per day and exercising. I didn’t get sick for the next two years, then I got a small cold but it lasted 4 days and then again a year of pure health. It’s been almost six years now and I had maybe four little infections, nothing like I used to experience. Whenever anyone in the house feels under the weather we try to fight without any medication. We drink hot tea with lemon and honey and use different syrups I make from natural ingredients. And we stay at home under the blanket and rest.

This week I got a fresh delivery from Sicily with beautiful organic unwaxed lemons and oranges. I knew I will use them for the new syrup I was thinking about for weeks.


The mixture will contain:

-organic unheated honey(half a litre/ 2 cups)
-grated ginger(5 cm of the peeled root)
-grated turmeric(5 cm of the peeled root)
-ground turmeric(1 T)
-juice of 1 organic lemon and 1 organic orange
-lemon and orange zest
-organic apple vinegar(1/3 of a cup)

Gaba will show the steps now 🙂 Just mix everything together. Let steep for a few hours and than strain the mixture. Discard all the solids and keep the syrup in the fridge. We eat two table spoons a day. You can also add it to your tea, it’s delicious. Make sure it’s not hot, as honey loses it’s healing properties in high temperatures.










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