Glass jars with flowers


Hey guys- with spring just around the corner I come with a DIY glass jars with flowers. It’s easy and super fast to make and gives you blooming flowers few weeks before they appear in the garden. Everyone in my house loves them. I went a bit crazy filling all the glass jars and vases I had in the house with bulb flowers and moss. You just need to buy forced bulbs- they have already went through a process of chilling and then put in a warmer conditions to bllom early. You can buy them in gardening centers, in Poland I see them everywhere from supermakets to garden centers. Iwater them a lot the day I bring them home and start making my decorations the next day. I just put them in the vases with that bit of soil they had in their little pots and I cover all exept the flower with moss. I buy moss in large gardening/florist market- it comes in sheets and is quite cheap. Alternatively you can take some from the garden or a forrest near your home. I spray all with water and leave to bloom. Spray every day with water. This is how they look after 3 days.

IMG_8144 IMG_8105 IMG_8156 IMG_8131 IMG_8109 IMG_8069 IMG_8072 IMG_8074 IMG_8082 IMG_8095 IMG_8096 IMG_8101 IMG_8134

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