Fava bean and labneh tartine


Fava beans are my top five veggies to eat during summer. When June and July come I could live on fava beans, new potatoes, strawberries and sweet cherries. When you browse through my blog you’ll find a lot of fava beans recipes. One of your favourites is with egg and chard , with meatballs from Ottolenghi recipe, in a stir fry or grilled in pods or with purple potatoes I always try to try new things and come up with new recipes. There are days when I just cook them for 7-10 minutes in boiling water and then run under ice cold water, skin them, add salt, chili and pepper and eat them just like that.

Today I made a tartine. So I cooked my fava beans as described above, skinned them. In a pan on hot clarified butter I added a handful of chopped spring onions and favas. Added salt, pepper and stirred for two minutes. At the same time I brushed two pieces of day old sourdough bread with olive oil and grilled them until crunchy. I spread some labneh on top. Take the beans of the pan and add juice of one lime and hanful of chopped mint and chili flakes. Put it on labneh and enjoy this simple and such a tasty meal made in just few minutes.

przepisy na bóļ

pomysły na dania z bobem

pomysły na dania z bobem

pomysły na dania z bobem

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