Citrus fennel salad


It’s almost spring!! I’m so happy to have my two favourite seasons in front of me. Winter here in Poland has been very mild this year, there was little snow and mild temperatures below zero. It’s super cool, because it means less dead plants in the garden. I have lots of plans for the garden this year and I’ve been working out there for a few weeks getting everything tidied up and ready to grow. Today something to give you a boost in vitamin C, a real detox salad, that tastes amazing- it has some crunch, some tanginess and sweetness. I made the recipe in my head in winter and just waited for this amazing citrus delivery from Sicily I get once a month. It was full of grapefruit, oranges, lemons and fennel. Someone wrote on the blog that hates raw fennel. I didn’t “get” it in the beginning too, but the secret to fall in love with it is slicing it paper thin on a mandolin- it takes you to a whole new level.




one fennel bulb
one bloody orange (I used bloody oranges from Sicily)
one pink grapefruit
a handfull of toasted silvered almonds or chopped hazelnuts
1T maple syrup
1T honey mustard
juice from one bloody orange
3T apple vinegar(I use homemade from this fall)
salt, pepper
drizzle of raw sunflower oil

Cut citrus skin off with a sharp knife, do it so no white pith is left. Slice grapefruit and orange. Slice fennel on mandolin. Arrange fennel on a plate, add orange, grapefruit and toasted nuts. In a jar mix all vinaigrette ingredients and shake well. Pour on you salad. Enjoy with a smile- spring is coming and you're eating healthy yummy food.





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