Bathroom make up and cosmetics storage


Few months ago I decided to do something about the make up and cosmetics horror that invaded my bathroom. There was just so much of the stuff laying around and making a lot of mess. I tried storing it in all kind of make up bags and boxes, but it meant searching for items every morning, which made me annoyed. I needed to have everything on site, not pilled up, so I could easily see and find my things, but at the same time stored in a way that wouldn’t make my bathroom look like a storm just hit the middle of it. I did a lot of research. Vanity desk would be my first choice but that might happen after we do some home remodelling. Now I had to stick to my bathroom. I have some space at the sink area so I decided to go for acrylic drawers. I went for MUJI but I also saw some pretty great ones at TKMaxx. I chose one 3 drawer box and one 5 drawer box. After few months I can say that I am pretty happy with those two. They are easy to clean(I use window cleaner once or twice a week). They still look very good, no scratches at all.


So on my left I keep my perfume, all the serums, creams etc. In the middle all make up, brushes and cotton pads and buds in glass jars. On the right there’s some hair stuff and Mike’s beard oils. Below there’s a shelf with towels and stuff I use less often.



On the box I keep my perfume, Caudalie’s elixir and serum I wrote you about in this post Still love them. With fall and winter months I am so happy with elixir keeping my skin in such great condition. What else is there? Laura Mercier’s Radiance Primer, which I also adore. Love this for fresh, glory look. I keep my everyday foundations there(still loyal to YSL and Bobbi Brown) and translucent Collistar powder here too- more on them in this post



First drawer is filled with more foundations, pain pots from MAC, eyeliner, brow pomades etc. Second one has all sorts of creams and serums.


Third one is the mask drawer- huge fan of the Caudalie and REN ones at the moment, I will be posting a mask post soon. Eye cream from Kiehl’s and lip balm are also there.


The last drawer is full of samples. I like to keep them close and to try new things all the time. I’m testing some L’Occitane and Kiehl’s masks and oils at the moment- pretty nice but not as good as the Caudalie ones.


Next box is for make up only. On the top I keep my brushes and beauty blender. Next to box are glass jars filled with cotton pads and buds. Love this way of keeping them!

Up to 60%






First drawer is filled with concealers, bronzers, blushes etc.


Then eye shadows, more concealers, some lipsticks and mineral powder.


Mascaras, more concealers, lip glosses, eye pencils you know all that jazz.



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