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Today a few pictures from Amsterdam, I visited in December 2012. I only had two hours to shoot, so I decided to head over to Albert Cuyp Markt and then fast walk through the streets of Amsterdam. I absolutely love photographing markets, wherever I am in the world. Each one is interesting and differs from the other. Different food, different people- what better way to know a different culture?

Amsterdam - Market
Amsterdam - Vegetables at the Market
Amsterdam - Food Market
Amstredam - Albert Cuypt Market
Amsterdam - Antiques
Amsterdam - Bakery
Amsterdam - Biker
Amsterdam - Cafe
Amsterdam - British
Amsterdam - Bikes
Amsterdam - Bikes and Market
Amsterdam - Bikes and Canals
Amsterdam - Cheese
Amsterdam - Clogs
Amsterdam - Lunch time
Amsterdam - Market
Amsterdam - Rowan
Amsterdam - Streets and Stairs
Amsterdam - Streets

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