Hi there! I’m Marta. Welcome to my lifestyle blog. Whet else can I call it? It’s just like my world- everything is mixed up. You’ll read about cooking, gardening, growing your food both in the garden and containers, healthy lifestyle, fitness, DIY, our travels, markets I love to visit, photography and post processing and anything else that I am sure will pop into my brain as it always does.
If I was to say one word about myself- I’d say I am creative. My brain is a huge mess and ideas just keep popping into my head constantly. You know the ones that get you utterly excited and you can’t wait to turn them alive. Yep, that’s me.

The Story

Marta & Gaba
So my story in short: eleven years ago my daughter Gaba was born and she inspired and changed me for good. She was the reason I once took the camera and started documenting our life, which in time turned to be my profession shooting other families’ stories.

In the meantime we built a house and started a garden. I designed everything by myself, spent a year supervising the construction of the house and then we started working on the garden. It took us two years, many blisters and more than a thousand plants, 40 tonnes of stones and we’ve got our little paradise done (link). Three years ago I devoted some of my time to growing our own food– I must say with success. And I would never call myself a person who has green fingers especially when I was a child. I hated helping in the garden.

Sometimes I felt I wasn’t fit enough for all that work in the garden plus somebody showed me a film I was in and another big change happened in our lives- we decided to become fit and healthy. We both lost significant amount of weight and became bad asses in the gym.

I got into reading about healthy lifestyle and decided to grow our own food and can it. It turned out to be so much fun I keep making and growing more and more each year. I’m truly shocked I haven’t mentioned my love for good food yet! I’ve been cooking since my teenage years. I rarely follow any recipes- it’s so much fun making my own. I love recreating dishes as I remember them from my childhood or from our travels. This is just the way my brain works- I remember the past by taste and smells! I have no favorite cuisine- I love to try new things and then mix them up. I cook with seasonal, organic produce and never use any processed food. And I try to keep it all healthy- at least most of the week. Sometimes you just have to let a girl eat cake.
Alongside all those adventures we still find time to travel here and there. Surprisingly I always travel to research cuisine and to photograph.

I’m located in Poland, in a beautiful little village very close to our country’s capital Warsaw, living with my husband, Michal; daughter Gaba and our lab, Java. We love each other deeply and are loyal to the bone and have sense of humor only few relate to. Not sure about Miss Java though.
Hope you have fun reading this blog and get inspired!

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